Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Birthday to Christine Essel!!

City Council candidate Christine Essel had a very busy evening on Tuesday night as she celebrated her birthday at Frank Sheftels Candy Factory in North Hollywood. Afterwards, she headed to an event at a Senior Center, then capped off the night of campaigning by going to a big meeting of Republicans at the San Fernando Valley Republicans Club. You can send her birthday wishes at her webpage www.Essel09.com

Phil Jennerjahn wishes Christine Essel a Happy Birthday.

Christine Essel with her good friend and supporter Frank Sheftel.

Delicious candy and treats served up by Frank Sheftel.

One of Christines supporters, Angela Kashfian, bought her a scarf for her birthday. Christine loved Angela's gift and wore it the rest of the night as she headed out to other campaign events in the Valley.

Christine Essel welcomes supporters at her birthday party held at Frank Sheftels Candy Factory in North Hollywood. She later attended a Senior Center function, and then headed for the big meeting at the San Fernando Valley Republican Club (SFVRC).

Krekorian, as could be expected, was a no-show at SFVRC . Ron Kaye showed up to support Krekorian and speak about the CD 2 election. Ron didn't really bash Chris Essel very much, but he made it clear that he hates the DWP.
And the IBEW. ( I guess those Measure B emotions never went away...)

Christine Essel seeks support at the San Fernando Valley Republican Club as she tries to defeat Paul Krekorian on December 8th.

Chris Essel makes a point as she seeks votes at SFVRC.

David Hernandez and Augusto Bisani share a laugh as Chris Essel cracks a joke at SFVRC.

Chris makes her final pitch to the crowd at SFVRC. It was a long day of campaigning for Chris.