Sunday, December 6, 2009

Paul Krekorian : Unfit For Office

I promised my exposé and new commentary in this last piece on the upcoming Special Election for the seat in District 2 on the Los Angeles City Council. And here it is....


I believe that Paul Krekorian is unfit for the office of Los Angeles City Councilman. In fact, I think he is unfit for all elective offices. I suggest voters avoid him at the ballot box. Here are the reasons. They are indisputable, even by his cult-like following.

1. Paul Krekorian is a self-centered egomaniac.

Paul Krekorian is a career politician who has ruthlessly burned all his former voters and constituents by abandoning jobs that he had asked them to elect him to. If any of you wish to dispute this...go ask his voters in Burbank how great he did during his term on the Burbank School Board. Only..he didn't finish that term...he bailed out to run for State Assembly. For those of you who think he's such a great Assemblyman, why is he parachuting out of that job only a few months after winning re-election?? Because he saw an opportunity. That's why. He has even said this publicly. So when it comes to Paul Krekorian...he only wants to be your City Councilman until he sees a better job open up. Then you will get the middle finger salute from him as he races off to serenade some other gullible voters in yet another district. Paul will say and do anything to get elected to any position he seeks. That is exactly the type of candidate you need to avoid.

2. Paul Krekorian is a budget-destroying Socialist.

Krekorian faced voting decisions on over 6000 different pieces of legislation during his time in the State Legislature, with a vast majority of them being spending bills. With a few rare exceptions, Paul Krekorian never met a spending bill he didn't like. Because of his harmful voting record, California now faces a massive and record budget shortfall. His fiscal irresponsibility while in Sacramento endangers all citizens and their futures here in California. This is not the type of government we need.

3. Krekorians Socialist ideology makes him a job-killer and economy-destroyer.

Well intentioned, but short-sighted liberals who are in charge in the California Statehouse have decided that their liberal ideologies are so important that they are more important that the financial survival of California. Liberal Democrats have continued to over-regulate, over-tax, and over-spend, creating the devastating economic conditions we now face here in California. Here are several direct quotes from Krekorian that he made during this campaign for City Council.

"We need to reduce waste that goes into streams."

"We need to improve elections."

"We will never have enough inspectors."

Translation: Paul Krekorian and the liberal Democrats in power in Sacramento will never be happy until they can create laws to organize and dictate every single facet of your life for you. In their twisted minds, there is only one correct opinion... theirs. Businesses have responded to these threats to their existence by leaving California in large numbers and taking jobs with them.

For California to have a brighter economic future, career politicians like Krekorian need to be removed from positions of power.

4. Krekorian lacks the mental and emotional constitution needed for political office.

Paul has a bad habit of portraying himself as some type of "victim" of others. Krekorian has spent nearly half of his campaign for City Council whining about the fact that Christine Essel has outraised and outspent him in this campaign. Krekorian also made himself appear ridiculous when he called police because someone took a photo of his residence. Paul went on to write a delusional, troubling letter, in which he stated that his fantasies were indeed, fact, and he went on to accuse Christine Essel of stalking him.

Early in the campaign, Krekorian launched into a profanity-laced tirade at the City Clerks Office, when it became clear that he would not be receiving preferential treatment to get his papers filed early before he had finished his City-required Ethics training. My article on this on the Mayor Sam blog was disputed and questioned, but has since been confirmed by eyewitnesses.

In his most sinister move of the campaign , Krekorian stoked the fires of ethnic division and hatred by calling out specific ethnicities by name for donating to his opponents campaign. This behavior should be considered offensive and repulsive to all CD 2 voters. Paul and his campaign should succeed or fail based on his own competence and qualifications, not because of ethnic hatred.

5. Paul Krekorian is a Statist, and a Dangerous Enemy of Freedom.

Far worse than being an ultra-liberal, Paul Krekorian is a Statist, who believes in the ultimate power of the State to use force on individuals. He has made this clear repeatedly through his voting record in Sacramento and through his behavior, statements and ideologies. Watch this disturbing video in which he says "Across the board budget cuts are unfair...they are unwise" - because he is controlled by the SEIU and AFSCME and other Socialist unions who depend on ripping off the taxpayers and the government for their very existence.
He believes that the government has the right to expand without end at an unlimited cost to taxpayers.
This is a very dangerous type of person to elect to office.

Krekorian also participated in several forums during the campaign in which other candidates were not only excluded, but they were threatened with expulsion for being present. Instead of showing the dignity, honor, and grace to excuse himself from these activities, Paul Krekorian happily participated in these events -- where others were having their freedom to participate in the democratic process of an election stripped from them.
Because Paul showed his callous disregard for the freedoms of other candidates and the freedom of voters to hear the opinions of other candidates, Paul has revealed his true character.
He doesn't give a damn about anyone else's long as he gets what he wants.
Because of this, Paul Krekorian is a Dangerous Enemy Of Freedom.
Voters who believe he would somehow stand up and protect their individual freedoms are sadly mistaken.

Full disclosure: I am supporting Christine Essel in the upcoming election.
I do not believe that Christine Essel is a perfect, or unflawed candidate, but I am supporting her specifically because Paul Krekorian is such an awful and dangerous candidate.

CD 2 voters take note. The election is Tuesday, December 8th.