Friday, April 23, 2010

Lisa Sarkin: Dangerous Enemy of Freedom

This clip is courtesy of fantastic videographer Michael N. Cohen who travels the City videotaping important public meetings. This video shows just how far off the deep end the little pocket-dictators at the Studio City Neighborhood Council have gone.

They kicked Michael McCue - an ELECTED member - off of the board simply because he acted in a way that "hurt their feelings". Wow. Has the Obama Nobel Committee seen these people in action? If so, they might want to start engraving another award.

Good news for Judy Price, who called Michael McCue a "terrorist" during her comments. She now has a "wonder twin" and fellow Dangerous Enemy of Freedom in Lisa Sarkin. Watch the video. Her attitude is repulsive.

Lisa Sarkin is soundly booed by the crowd when she tells them that they have "no right to have an opinion" on this subject. President Ben Neumann is another little pocket dictator who threatened to have security throw out one man simply because he vocalized his displeasure with the proceedings. "This is not a back-and-forth" he kept repeating. Translation... You will do as I say!

SCNC voters...these people are lunatics.
You need to vote them out in this upcoming election.

Studio City NC unseats Michael McCue from Michael N Cohen on Vimeo.