Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Recall begins April 20 !!!

Our revised version of the Petition to Recall Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has been accepted by the City Clerk.

The Recall is now official. It begins on April 20th.

Activists need to get their forces to City Hall on April 20th.

We are going to distribute petitions and talk about the Recall during public comment at City Council.

We are going to confront this incompetent Mayor during his speech later that day. Perfect timing for us.

The lamestream media won't be able to ignore this anymore.

We have four months to collect the 240,000 signatures we need.

We will be working on this all summer.

The Mayor is facing a firestorm of voter anger.

4,000 City employees who feel that they will be laid off due to his incompetent budget management.

800 marijuana dispensary owners who feel that their very livelihood is threatened.

100,000 medical marijuana patients who don't want to see their favorite dispensaries disappear.

1,500,000 angry voters who saw their DWP rates get raised in a middle-of-the-night, backdoor deal by an aggressive, dangerous, and devious regime.

The Mayor was so cocky that he didn't even respond to the Recall Petition.

Maybe he thinks he has enough control over the local newspapers - he thinks he can shut this effort down.

He thinks he can survive this Recall campaign. Who knows? Maybe he is right.

But I promise you one thing.

We are going to find out.