Sunday, April 25, 2010

Raising Arizona

I meant, raising the subject of Arizona and its recent decision to uphold our nations immigration laws.

This is a sore point with many American citizens -- that our Federal government does almost nothing to stop or deter illegal immigration. Arizona recently voted to enforce the Federal law themselves. This has sent the lawbreakers, and the political left who support them, into a tizzy.

There are some loony liberals who feel this is some type of violation of Civil Rights. But police already have the right to stop and question you if they think you are doing something wrong. Arizona lawmakers feel that this law simply takes the handcuffs off of the law enforcement officials. It is the opposite of Special Order 40 here in Los Angeles, which has helped make this City into a magnet for illegal immigration.

Arizona is asserting its States Rights. If the Federal government has shown that it will not defend our national border, then Arizona citizens have the right to defend themselves.

Even the left cannot dispute that the issue is a problem. They just won't do anything to solve it.