Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The RECALL has begun. First day update

Well, I have to be honest. The day did not start out well. Our press conference on the South lawn of City Hall was not that great. Few people showed up. Hell, I think there were more police there to keep an eye on us than we had supporters. It was a setback that I hadn't planned on. I thought there would be at least 50 people there.
There was clearly no use for the bullhorn we brought with us. No speeches were made.

But the videographer did let us do a little mini-commercial right there next to City Hall.

And Rick Orlov of the Daily News, he came all the way down those big stairs on the south side to interview us. God bless him.

Afterwards we went into Council chambers for the City Council meeting and Walter Moore spoke very defiantly about the Recall and signed his petition right at the podium. Nice bit of theater there.

David Hernandez was very polite. Then I got up and lambasted the Council for being "corrupt and morally bankrupt". Not that many people in attendance at Council, either. The funniest moment was when a character named John Walsh said something like "you know the world has gone crazy when I am the voice of reason".
It was really funny because Walsh is a bit odd.

I was feeling a bit depressed as I walked out of City Hall, but then I checked my phone... 48 emails in one hour? WHAT!??

Evidently, Rick Orlov had filed the story from City Hall. It was on the Daily News website.
And the story listed our website, www.recallcityhall.org
We were getting tons of internet traffic. The emails and phone calls started blowing up.

Then, later on, David Hernandez did a nice 5 minute segment on the Recall on Channel 9 at 9 p.m.

It was the lead story. Bingo. Great kickoff to the Recall.
They repeated the segment partially at 10 p.m. More attention.
Now the other stations will have to pick up the story.

From this press will come more and more people willing to join the fight.
Things are looking good.

In addition to the days political events, I see that unfortunately , the writers at the Mayor Sam blog have nothing better to do than to criticize my efforts. But that is nothing new - or notable - there. I should listen to the advice of Zuma Dogg and stay clear of the "dark energy" that is created by the haters who dominate that blog. The Michael Higbys, The Joe Barretts, the Mary Cummins of the world all collected there. Dark energy.

You never see Joe Barrett or anything he does being listed as the top story on Channel 9 news.