Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Top 5 Nicknames for Barack Obama

1. Pharaoh

I use this one because Obama likes to rule by decree, much like the Pharaoh Ramses (above) in "The Ten Commandments."

2. Caesar

I like this one because Obama likes ignore our legal power structure and make himself the law of the land at all times. Like appointing "Czars" to run different aspects of the economy. The very word "Czar" is the Russian form of the word "Caesar".

3. The Manchurian President

This nickname springs from a novel and a film of the same name... "The Manchurian Candidate". The fictional story details how American infantry forces during the Korean War are kidnapped and taken to Manchuria and brainwashed to be "sleeper agents" for the enemies of America.

The correlation here is that Obama has lived in a Muslim country and often takes sides with enemies of our nation, raising questions about his patriotism and his level of loyalty to our nation.

4. President Zero

This refers both to his personal logo, and to the fact that he has produced nothing of value during his Presidency.

5. Dear Leader

This one is a play on words for the affectionate terms given to Communist dictators in Asian countries.