Thursday, November 29, 2012

More libel, slander, and open bias from Los Angeles area media

Today I am going to talk about the libel, slander and open media bias that a Conservative candidate has to deal with when running for office in a liberal county like Los Angeles County. The media here are all far-leftists: ideologues who worship Obama and Socialism and are horrified by the mere mention of Conservative principles. In fact, their fear goes so far as to affect their coverage of political races.

Media objectivity here in Los Angeles is a bad joke. I'll explain why...

Look at this screen shot of a website -- supposedly "media" -- operating out of Burbank, California called "Burbank 'n Beyond". In this webpage, Craig Sherwood slanders and libels me because of some petty disputes I have had with his organization in the past. Sherwood states that I was not endorsed by the California Republican Party -- when in fact a quick 3-second check of their website would have revealed that his statement was factually incorrect. Sherwood makes a statement to slander me when the real facts are clearly obtainable as being the opposite of what he states to the public. I think I have a legal course of action for slander and libel, and it is something I will have to consider.

On his webpage, Sherwood also calls me "grandstanding". That's interesting, as I was probably one of the most low-key Congressional candidates in the United States of America! I held no campaign events. I didn't knock on a single door. I didn't shake a single hand or kiss a single baby. I only attended one event, and that was a debate/forum held by the League of Womens Voters at Burbank City Hall.

Sherwoods comment is nothing but a petty cheap shot at me, and I'll explain why he did it.

The people over at Burbank n' Beyond were mad at me for refusing to pay for advertising with them. I was offended by this "pay-to-play" offer by them and refused it immediately. I also called them out publicly for their bias on Twitter.... pointing out that they participate in "Press Release" journalism, by basically re-printing any ridiculous press release made by an elected official. No opposition is allowed to be mentioned. Even though the website eventually caved to the pressure of being called a biased media source by a Congressional candidate, they still did nothing for me until a day or two before the election. Here is another screenshot showing their unbelievable bias....

This screenshot is dated October 30th. One week before the election. And if you searched for the name of the Republican Nominee for Congress in that District? Zero. Nada.  


And they weren't the only offenders. There were many others.

The Los Feliz Ledger was another media source that engaged in "Press Release" journalism. Here is a screenshot of Mike Gatto, Tom La Bonge and Adam Schiff all being allowed to write their own stories and have them published word-for-word. Their opposition? Yeah, right. It is very difficult to defeat an incumbent politician. It is extra difficult when the media is doing their work for them.

West Hollywood Patch did a cheerful folksy story about Adam Schiff learning his way around "his" new District...even though he hadn't been elected yet. Coverage of me offered for fairness? Zero. 

Here's a screenshot from another media source... The Burbank Leader. Again, if you search my name, you will find that the Republican Nominee for Congress does not exist. This search was done on August 22nd, just a few months before the election. Vote-by-mail ballots were already being prepared.

Sometimes the media would actually give you a little bit of a sniff, but they would make sure to demonize or denigrate you to the readers. The Daily News labelled me as a "far-right" candidate.

How exactly am I "far-right"? Adam Schiff believed in abortion and government seizure and Socialization of the entire health care field, but did any media dare call him a far-left or Socialist candidate? 

Of course not.

I could go on and on, but I am going to stop now, because re-reading all this sickening bias and slander from the media really turns my stomach.