Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Censorship and Propaganda alive and well in Los Angeles!

As a Conservative in Los Angeles, you have to accept that you are fighting an uphill battle when it comes to trying to win over the voters to your line of thinking. Far too many of the voters here are receiving a check from the government to be interested in your ideas about economic freedom and personal liberty.

It becomes increasingly difficult when you realize that the media are actually acting as Propaganda Ministers for the opposition. I'll never forget sitting in the offices of the L.A. Times and having their editors basically laugh at me and tell me that Antonio Villaraigosa would get 75 to 80% of the vote in the March 3, 2009 Mayoral Election. Their attitudes and beliefs showed in their coverage of the election. They barely bothered to report it. The election didn't even get front page coverage on the day it happened.


As an experiment in using Social Media, I placed the demotivational poster "The Six Trillion Dollar Man"(above) on several community websites. It didn't have my name on it, or even a campaign slogan from me. It was just a biting social commentary on Congressman Adam Schiff.

Of course, they were all deleted within an hour or two.

The degenerates involved in this censorship? The West Hollywood Patch. The Hollywood Patch. The La Canada Flintridge Patch.

"Community websites"... to help the community. They claim.

Unless they don't like what you say.

Of course, it is perfectly OK for the West Hollywood Patch to print flowery puff pieces about Adam Schiff... like this one right here.

But to allow a legitimate community criticism about their precious Adam Schiff?

Heaven forbid!!

Now, these entities are privately-owned and run and have every right to act however they want. I just think they should end the pretense of being "fair" or even "media" because they are basically operating as Propaganda Ministers for whoever is in power at the moment.

This is a very dangerous, and chilling, trend to watch.

In fact, this cheap pimp named Stan Lynch, who runs the BurbankNBeyond website recently contacted me to gouge me for some cash to contact his readers.

I was incredibly offended, because his website has been acting a Propaganda Machine for Adam Schiff for a long time.

I pointed out to him in my response (above) that his "news" website had never even mentioned my name, even though I am the Republican Nominee for Congress in that District!

It is awfully difficult to win an election when your opponent has the media doing his work for him.

And for free, I might add.

Because of this collusion with elected officials and the media, I am not optimistic about my chances on November 6th.

And Los Angeles is a much worse place to live because of it.