Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Todd Akin staying in the Missouri Senate race!

I'm glad to hear this. I think candidates who pay their money and run for election should gut it out...even if things turn unfavorably against them.

Missouri Congressman Todd Akin has been all over the news the last few days because he made some rather odd comments about rape. The comments were inappropriate and showed a stunning lack of knowledge of the female anatomy.

However, that aside, they weren't so wild that it would be a necessity for him to drop out of the race. National Republican groups (a.k.a. the RINOs) immediately were filled with indignant outrage -- just like the liberal thought police -- and demanded he drop out of the race.

They didn't get what they wanted.

I'm satisfied with this outcome.

I don't think Akins gaffe was nearly as horrible as Joe Bidens "chains" comment. And continuing their tradition of slanted hypocrisy, you didn't see a single media outlet in the country asking Biden to step down.

Akin has two months to put this gaffe behind him and to get voters to concentrate on real issues.

By election day, few will be thinking about his gaffe, and the voters will be concentrating on bigger, more important issues.