Tuesday, August 7, 2012

More degenerates exposed in Los Angeles power structure

I won't go into the stomach-churning details, because they are widely available from other blogs and news sources. But it seems that former LAUSD head Ramon Cortines was involved in an inappropriate homosexual relationship with a subordinate on his staff.

This former staffer now wants to sue the City for millions.

This is a perfect example of why voters in Los Angeles need to stop voting for Democrats!

We have a degenerate Mayor, who was cavalierly cheating on his wife, until he got caught. The moral revulsion at this mans behavior caused only 9% of the registered voters to go out and cast a ballot for him in 2009. Sadly, it was enough to get him re-elected.

We have multiple degenerates on the Los Angeles City Council, all of whom feel they have the right to dictate every detail of your life to you. They also feel the need to verbally and legally spew their vitriolic hatred and racism towards other cities and states.... as if those people gave a damn about them or their nutty ideas.

They all take their moral directions from a degenerate President, who behaves like a Pharaoh, as if the laws do not apply to him. The Pharaoh decrees that the laws only apply to the people he wants them to apply to (see Obamacare waivers).

This new situation with Ramon Cortines shows the moral failings of Democrats in general.

It is also a warning to future generations not to name things after living people. You never know what might happen next. The Joe Paterno scandal at Penn State is a perfect example of that. Concealing a child rape at the football facilities might not be the worst thing ever people could imagine about Joe Paterno, but it would clearly be in a Top 10 list!

The degenerates currently in power here in Los Angeles need to get off their sorry asses and take some action in this situation. For God's sake, this mans name is emblazoned on a public school in downtown!! Kids have to walk underneath that name every day to enter that school.

The degenerates responsible for naming that school and currently failing to remove that name need to be held accountable in the next election.

I will make sure that all future City candidates in 2013 are appraised of this situation.