Sunday, August 19, 2012

Trutanich working on his comeback

Insider reports from Jose Aguilars "Ya Basta" CD 14 Mayoral Forum the other day had one particularly interesting nugget of information.

Carmen Trutanich actually showed up!

I guess maybe someone showed him my blog post where I said he needed to go do a tour of these community events and re-establish himself before the March election rolls around.

He can't let his opponents call him "an animal" without confronting them in front of voters.

Can Nuch rise like Lazarus and resurrect his political career?

I think he can, but it won't be easy.

He took a serious hit losing the DA contest in June, but that may have been more due to campaign mismanagement more than anything else. Nuch came into office with an enormous groundswell of support from the public. He needs to re-establish that popular Nuch persona with the voters.

I heard a few of the voters there at that forum were chewing him out, really laying into him.

That's good.

He needs to get that anger out of the way before they walk into the voting booth in March.

Some people write him off as a political corpse, but that isn't correct.

A recent poll showed that over half the voters didn't even know who Carmen Trutanich or Mike Feuer even were.

There is room for growth there.