Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mitt Romneys middle finger salute to Ron Paul supporters

This isn't going to be good for anybody.

There is treachery underfoot at the Republican Convention in Tampa.

The Mitt Romney camp is trying to change the rules so that "faithless" delegates who vote for the wrong candidate will be booted from the event.

Basically, wording the new rules like this makes it clear that Romney is afraid of the Ron Paul supporters causing trouble in the convention hall. Through a clever knowledge of arcane rules and quick maneuvers in backroom situations, Ron Paul supporters have managed to pile up over 10% of the delegates at the convention. This isn't enough to win the nomination, but the Paul supporters like to dream about turning the tide of public support to their man.

Romney trying to change the rules at this late stage is unseemly behavior and unbecoming of a potential President. He needs to respect the freedom of these delegates to vote for the candidate of their choice....and for many of them, that means voting for Ron Paul.

Romney needs to let them vote. For many of them, they've been dreaming of this moment for years...actually being in the convention and voting for Ron Paul. They don't have enough support to take out Romney. He will be the nominee.

Romney needs to see the bigger picture and let them vote. The reputation of the GOP is at stake, and that has bigger repercussions than Romney simply preferring to put on a nice, peaceful show in Tampa.