Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Two Faces of Adam Schiff

In a previous blog post, I mentioned that I had thought up two specific situations that proved that Adam Schiff was a phony. A career politician that will say and do anything to stay in elected office.

Schiff admitted to me at the debate that he has no plans to leave his Congressional seat. He plans to be there for life. I certainly hope that the voters will disagree with him on Tuesday. People with those type of entitlement attitudes tend to be horrific leaders, given enough time.

But Adam Schiff has recently hit a new high, or a new low, depending on how you look at it.

Adam Schiff has been so phony, so incredibly two-faced and supplicant to various special interest groups that he has earned the endorsement from two groups of people who should be mortal enemies.

The first endorsement didn't surprise me.

CAIR...the Council on American Islamic Relations.. endorsed Schiff in District 28 over me.

No surprises there, as I have been very public about my rather dim view of Islam and its followers.
Muslims who follow Islam seek to destroy all other cultures and religions on earth. They seek to establish a Global Caliphate and subjugate all human beings on the planet to their rule.

I'm not a fan of this faith, or its goals. To be quite honest, any political organization with half a brain should reject this religion whose followers continually publicly espouse a fanatical, genocidal hatred of Jewish people.

I have been very public about my belief that we can never truly be friends with people who have these values. I personally don't want to be friends with any country that openly expresses a desire to harm the people of Israel. However, that is no problem for Congressman Schiff. His morals are a bit more flexible than mine. The Muslims feel that Schiff is their man...that he is working towards their goals.

The Muslims support Schiff, and view him as an ally to their cause.
Being that Adam Schiff is Jewish himself, I find the whole thing very disturbing - on many levels.

Amazingly enough, Schiff has also earned a second endorsement from a group that has very opposite interests.

The Armenian National Committee of America, or ANCA, has endorsed Schiff in District 28 also. The amazing thing here is that they also believe Schiff is working towards their goals.

The Armenians, who are Christians, have very different goals from the Muslims. The Muslims in Turkey committed genocide against the Armenians...very specifically because they were Christians...and nearly obliterated their entire culture...killing over 1.5 million Armenians from 1915-1923. As a result of the genocide, a large number of Armenians are refugees, scattered across various countries of the world....many of them living in Glendale, California, which is part of my District.

Schiff has earned their favor by being politically pliable. By pandering to them and saying to them that he seeks justice for the Armenians from the Muslims in Turkey. His pandering to the Armenian community is very similar to how Adam Schiff is currently pandering to the gay community of West Hollywood. Schiff is telling the gays that he supports gay marriage, even though previously as a State Senator, he had absolutely no record of writing legislation for gay marriage. The subject of gay marriage was not politically trendy 10 years ago when he served in the State Senate.  Back then it couldn't buy him any votes, so he didn't give a damn about it.

Me? In sharp contrast to Adam Schiff, I have marched right into West Hollywood City Council chambers and told them that I don't support gay marriage now...nor will I be supporting it in the future. This behavior certainly didn't buy me any votes...because unlike Schiff, my values are not flexible.

I understand ANCA choosing Schiff over me because Schiff has been pandering to them for about a decade. Of course, no results for them, but plenty of promises and hot air. Me, on the other hand, I openly told ANCA that the past was the past, and that the Muslims in Turkey had no regrets about what they had done to their ancestors...and that their bigger worry was not what the Muslims had done in the past, but what they planned to do to them in the future. Of course, this wasn't pandering -- but rather, the truth, and the leaders at ANCA didn't care to hear it. summary...

The Gays of West Hollywood are supporting Adam Schiff because of his pandering towards gay marriage. Schiff is supported by the gays -- along with the Muslims (who are known for their hostility towards and mis-treatment of gays) and the Christian Armenians (who don't approve of gay marriage).

The Armenians of ANCA are supporting Adam Schiff, along with the Muslims (who slaughtered their ancestors) and the gays (who demand Schiff cater to their non-Christian gay marriage demands)

The Muslims of CAIR are supporting Adam Schiff, a Jewish politician -- along with the Gays of West Hollywood (for whom they have nothing but contempt) and the Armenians of ANCA (whose culture they tried to exterminate).

Wow. Take a minute to wrap your head around that one.

I've been racking my brain for days. How do you beat a candidate who is so morally bankrupt, and so incredibly two-faced that he has everyone supporting him?

I'm starting to think...maybe you don't.