Wednesday, November 7, 2012

November 7th -- The Aftermath

Well, Barack Obama is still Pharaoh.

And that is not a good thing.

The squishy Massachusetts Moderate Mitt Romney tried his best not to offend anyone during his Presidential campaign, and he ended up appealing to almost no one. But taking into account the fact that Democrats tend to cheat heavily in elections, it is quite possible that Romney actually won Ohio and Virginia and Florida and did, indeed, win the election.

However, elections have consequences, and the consequences of this election are so severe that our country will probably not survive it. The looting of the Treasury by the Obama Administration will probably cause a collapse of all economic activity, which in turn will lead to massive unemployment, starvation, a skyrocketing crime rate, armed insurrection in the streets, and eventually a global depression and multiple world wars.

America is now reaping the whirlwind of decades of horrific liberal governmental policies. The two policies most directly responsible for last nights results are abortion and illegal immigration.

Legal abortion in this country destroyed between 40 to 60 million productive future Americans, and along with them all their potential future offspring. So we are basically missing about 80 million Americans right now. That lack of exponential manpower for the subsequent generation caused a labor shortage. The solution, illegal immigration, may be what truly dooms us as a nation. The Reagan Amnesty given to 3 million illegal immigrants in the 1980s only encouraged more of it. The next wave of illegal immigrants certainly brought with them a work ethic -- I don't deny that -- but they did not bring with them American values or respect for our laws. After all, why should they?

They are encouraged to continue their lawbreaking by a tyrant named Barack Obama, who leads by example and enjoys violating our laws daily. Obama is such a vile monster that he will protect his own two illegal immigrant relatives from deportation, while allowing his Justice Department to inflict The Pharaohs Justice and deport tens of thousand of others for the exact same crimes committed by his blood relatives!! But there will be no deportation for the two illegal immigrant Obamas present here in America. Obama is Pharaoh, and he will decide who the law applies to and who it doesn't.

It is no accident that the Latino vote went overwhelmingly for Obama last night.

He's their type of guy.

So Obama will be able to continue to inflict his tyranny on our citizens. Things will probably be far worse for everyone than they were during his first four years. Obama will continue to tell the Catholic Church that their First Amendment rights end where his government power begins. Chilling, but that is our new reality now.

There will be a whole new host of realities after last night.

Republicans basically got obliterated in California last night. More Republican office holders got wiped out by the Pharaoh-induced wave. There will be no stopping them now, as they will create a literal hell on earth for the citizens who live here. Californias government will go bankrupt and fail. There is no mathematical scenario where it can survive...especially when productive individuals start fleeing the tyranny of one-party government. Don't think it will happen? Watch and learn. I've already had several friends leave California. Many more will follow. And the State tax base will go along with them.

My own defeat to Congressman Adam Schiff was actually the least of my worries. I didn't even check the results until long after the 8pm closing of the polls. I knew that I would lose, so I wasn't too worried about it. The voters of the 28th District prefer a really Big Government, the Nanny State, and budget-destroying Socialism. Good luck with that.

I hope the voters in my District really like Adam Schiff, because they are now going to have him in office for at least 10 more years. After the ass-kicking he gave me, no well-financed Republican candidate is going to waste his time with running in that district. The only chance Schiff goes out in the future is like the Howard Berman situation, where redistricting changes the lines on the map and he gets squeezed out by a fellow Democrat.

I'm somewhat satisfied with my results. I would have liked to perform a little bit better, but I had less than $10,000 to run my campaign. I never took a penny from anyone, and I did everything on my own...and I still got 24% of the vote. It was an uphill battle all the way, but I am proud of how I represented Conservative values and helped spread our message at my debate with Adam Schiff.

I don't see much of a a future for Republicans here in California. I'm not sure that I will ever try for elected office again. Maybe I will, maybe I won't. If I do, it might not be here.

After last nights destructive election results, I will have to seriously think about whether or not I will even be living in California in the future. I refuse to live with deadbeat neighbors who feel they are entitled to their "fair share" of my paycheck.

I won't do it. It's as simple as that.