Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lisa Sarkin: Studio City's Most Dangerous

I have made it clear in other blog posts that I am repulsed by local politicians and their dangerous Nanny-State ideologies. Whenever a local politician wants to decide something for you, you had better run in the other direction.

Whether it is "The Hamburglar" Jan Perry banning fast food development in her District after deciding that her voters are too fat, dumb, and stupid to make their own nutritional decisions. Or "The Cat Whisperer" Paul Koretz, deciding that voters in Los Angeles can no longer get their cats declawed.

No, the Freedom-Hating Liberal train continues to make many stops here in L.A.
That is a given. Things that would be considered shocking in other cities barely raise an eyebrow here.

However, Dangerous Enemy of Freedom Lisa Sarkin seems to have taken things to a new height of lunacy.

The article goes on to describe how hundreds of dispensary owners are losing their businesses.
In the middle of a massive recession, The City of Los Angeles has decided to shut down 500 functional businesses. The property owners who leased to the dispensaries are not getting new tenants. It is costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost income.

In the story, nosy NIMBY and Notorious Hater of Freedom Lisa Sarkin opines that she feels only two medical marijuana dispensaries should be allowed in Studio City.

Why? Because Lisa Sarkin says so...that's why!!

Somewhere, tonight, Judy Price is weeping and wondering... "How did this happen?".... "How did Lisa Sarkin surpass me to become Studio City's Most Dangerous.." ???