Friday, September 17, 2010

Who's laughing now? Zuma Dogg.

Actually, he's not laughing. He's actually very upset.

City Activist Zuma Dogg (a.k.a. David Saltsburg) is not very happy about what's going on in the media right now.

Now that Wendy Gruel has decided to throw daggers at Villaraigosa while blogging at HuffPo and announce it publicly how badly the "stimulus" money has been mis-spent, other media souces are jumping all over the story.

Now other local activists like Ron Kaye and Walter Moore are jumping on the bandwagon about the "stimulus" money.... which was all a scam from the very start.

(The government cannot create business. They can only create more government employees.)

Zuma Dogg was talking about a Federal Investigation into the mis-use of the "stimulus" money a long time ago.

Too bad most people weren't listening.

Zuma Dogg may be an offbeat character, but his eerily prescient knowledge of City politics continues to impress me...and many others, I believe.

He always reminds me of the movie "True Believer" with James Woods.
Woods plays an attorney investigating a murder. Near the end of the movie, the case gets blown wide open and Woods is stunned to find out that information from a witness he had previously discredited is actually correct.

Woods says "The guy that they all said was crazy was the only one who knew what he was talking about...."