Thursday, September 16, 2010

Loony Eco-Warriors begin futile protest tomorrow

Friday, September 17th is "Park(ing) Day" here in Los Angeles.

A bunch of loony eco-warriors will begin the futile protest of taking over parking spaces and turning them into "mini-parks." This is some type of protest against the perceived slight of there not being enough green space in Los Angeles.

Apparently, they are unaware of the fact that Griffith Park is larger than some other cities in America.
Or that the Angeles National Forest is a short drive away.

Memo to these misguided souls:

Sunset Boulevard and Wilshire Boulevard run for over 15 miles.
Sepulveda goes for 43 miles from Valley to South Bay.
Are we supposed to use bicycles to get around?

We live in a major metropolitan area.
That's where the jobs are. That is where commerce occurs.
You can always go live in Wyoming, or in an Amish community if you wish.
Leave the rest of us out of your silly nonsense.

Sadly, one of the active participants in this eco-warrior nonsense is misguided City Council candidate Stephen Box.

Box wants us to be like the Netherlands, and have everyone ride bicycles.
I wonder if that type of thinking will sit well with the voters in March 2011.