Thursday, September 23, 2010

My night with Meg Whitman

Readers here at TJR might be surprised that I went and spent last evening at an event for Meg Whitman.
I have made it clear in the past that I'm not a fan. But at least I have an excuse.
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was going to be there and that was who I really wanted to see.
Christie is kind of a rock star in the GOP right now for the way he is changing things in New Jersey, a deeply blue state.

The event last night was a fancy shmancy $1,000 a plate dinner for her closest fundraisers.

So what was I doing there? I ain't paying no $1,000 bucks to meet no Meg Whitman!

I received a surprise invitation from a very attractive woman who I had never met before.
She contacted me on Facebook. She said she had been reading Mayor Sam's blog! Wow!
(So I guess maybe it is more than just me, Higby, Joe B, and Mary that read it)
She said she admired the fact that I took on Villaraigosa. In the election and the Recall.
I thought that was nice.

She explained how she had an extra ticket and wanted to know if I'd go with her.
I said sure, why not. I'm your man.
It all turned out very well.

It turned out to be a fantastic evening up in the Grand Courtyard of the Hollywood and Highland complex... on that 5th floor that is always off limits. Nice to see it... it's cool.

Highlights for my night.
I got to meet and shake hands with astronaut Buzz Aldrin. That was awesome.
I was sitting only 20 feet or so from Chris Christie. More on him later.
I spent the night chatting with an attractive woman who expressed her appreciation for my political activities.

And then... there was Meg.
There was an autographed copy of her book waiting on every seat.
Mine is already reserved for Ultra-Liberal Joe Barrett, in order to convince him to leave the brainwashing cult of liberalism. (So Joe...let me know where to send it. or I'll give it to Higby for you.)

Meg was Meg... lots of pro-business speech. Rah-rah, etc etc...
She wasn't terrible up close. She seemed like a nice person.
She had a lot of people vouch for her.

Her support from Chris Christie meant a lot to me.
Christie gave a very moving and emotional performance talking about how he rose to the Governors office in a very blue state. He talked about how you are always going to have enemies in politics, and how if you don't - you are in the wrong business. He told a very funny story about vetoing the Democrats first budget. he said the Democrats called it something crazy like, "the fairness, hope, and light budget" -- and he promptly demolished it by vetoing it in less than 60 seconds.

Christie said he wasn't interested in caving into the demands of others. I know the feeling very well.
Christie gave me a lot of ideas for my run for the 4th Council District.
Tom LaBonge is going to have a fight on his hands, because I want his job.

Near the end of the evening, after Meg and Governor Christie had left, I was milling about chatting with people and Meg suddenly made a surprise re-entry to the ballroom. I managed to get over to her and say hello.
I shook hands and with her and pulled her close to me.

"Do me a favor", I said.
"What?" , she asked .
"Kick Jerry Browns ass!", I said loudly.
Several people laughed.
Meg laughed and said "I will".

I'm still not sold on Whitman. I still think she is a big-government RINO.
I still plan on leaving that box blank on election day.
But I have to admit, after meeting her up close, my dislike for her has lessened.