Tuesday, September 14, 2010

RINOs getting routed!!

Tonight has been a joyous night for me. RINO Republicans are getting routed left and right.
Mike Castle was a big name in Delaware. At least, he was.
But Castle was a big squishy moderate who couldn't be trusted to vote the right way in crucial situations.
So he's gone.

Christine O'Donnell, a newcomer who had support from the Tea Party activists and endorsements from Sarah Palin and Mark Levin, took out Castle in the GOP primary tonight.

I was rather disturbed to see Karl Rove on Fox kind of whining about her victory.
He doesn't think she can win in November.
Hell, two months ago, nobody thought she could come close to beating Castle, but she did it.

Sarah Palins influence over the GOP continues to grow.
Her endorsement has turned the tide for many candidates.
She will be owed many political favors by new Congress members in 2012.