Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Democrats facing election catastrophe in 2012

Sometimes I enjoy watching the liberals suffer. I will flick around channels like MSNBC to see what has them riled up. Lately they seem to be hating on Texas Governor Rick Perry pretty hard, which tells me that he is the one that they fear.

Last night the nonsensical policies of Barack Obama had a catastrophic effect.

The Democrats lost an election in a Congressional District that is 80% Democrat.

Republican Bob Turner won the election to replace Anthony Weiner. Turner, by the way, lost the last election in this District to the now-disgraced Anthony Weiner, but his 40% showing in that 2010 race led to his eventual breakthrough victory last night.

There is absolutely nothing the Democrats can say to spin this as anything but a catastrophic warning from the voters.

The nonsensical policies of Barack Obama have the country paralyzed economically. When Obama threw Israel under the bus, that was the last straw for many Jewish voters....and an ominous sign for 2012. The fact that the Democratic candidate David Weprin was Jewish did not help him. He had offended many in the Orthodox Jewish community by voting for gay marriage in the New York State Legislature.

New Yorks 9th Congressional District now has a Republican in charge for the first time since 1922! Now, the fact that Republicans picked up one single Congressional seat doesn't mean that much in the bigger picture. Republicans hold the House. But the fact they did this in such a heavily Democratic District should be setting off alarm bells all over the country.

And Democrats in competitive Districts have to be worried about their survival now.

Imagine that. Obama might increase employment after all....

There might be several new Republicans working in Washington in 2012.