Sunday, September 25, 2011

More proof that liberals are hypocrites

Funny story today in the news.

Students at Sam Houston State decided to erect a "Freedom of Speech" wall at their school where students could express themselves. Well, almost...

One of the clever students had the temerity to write "FUCK OBAMA" in rather large letters on the wall. We all know what happens next in liberal-land.

A professor at the University demanded that it be removed.
(I wonder if he taught Russian History?)

The students didn't remove it, so the professor took a box-cutter and removed it himself.
(above photos, before and after)

Realizing their project was proving the opposite of their liberal fantasies, the students eventually scrapped the project.

It's just more proof that all liberals are hypocrites. They are all for Freedom of Speech, as long as you say exactly what they want you to say.

We all know that if the offensive writing was something sexual about Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann, those good proletariat professors would have said nothing.

But talking about their false messiah? Shame on you!