Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sarah Palin disappoints her fans in Iowa

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin gave her big speech at the Tea Party rally in Iowa yesterday.

Most of her fans and supporters wanted to hear her declare her candidacy for the GOP nomination in 2012. She didn't do that.

I was quite certain that she would use a better day to choose to announce. It would get poor publicity over a Labor Day weekend to choose to do that type of campaigning.

I think it is reasonably likely that Sarah will run.

If she had decided not to run, she could have said so months ago. But she keeps hinting that she is "still thinking" about it.

One of my good friends thinks she is delaying because she wants to skip most of the debates and jump into the race at the last minute.

I think she is just staying out of the line of fire from the media...because the MSM will go crazy when she announces.