Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11, 1683

There can be no mistaking why Osama Bin Laden chose the crucial date of September 11th.

It was a big middle finger gesture to Western Civilization.

He was, in effect, saying.. "We are still here....and we are still going to kill you!"

September 11th, 1683 was the date of the beginning of the end of the Muslim Empire.

By 1683, the Muslims had spent over a thousand years rampaging around the Middle East and the Mediterranean, conquering Greece, Yugoslavia, and Hungary and setting their eyes on Central Europe. They laid siege to the City of Vienna, Austria, which at the time was the cultural crossroads of Europe.

The Fall of Vienna most likely would have doomed Europe and meant the deaths of millions of Christians at the hands of the Muslims. But history didn't turn out that way.

The Holy Roman Empire cobbled together a coalition of fighting forces, led by the King of Poland with his famed "Winged Hussars" cavalry. They banded together with Saxons and Bavarians to defend Vienna and rode to the rescue when things looked very bleak.

With the City about to fall, the King of Poland led the largest cavalry charge in human history. Over 20,000 cavalry units charged into the Muslim forces, routing them and sending them running for their lives. In the frenzied retreat, the Muslims left behind great wealth and assets and weaponry. The Muslims threat to Western Civilization had been repulsed, and the Muslims would never recover. They were later kicked out of Hungary, Yugoslavia, Greece, and Spain.

Their world influence was never the same.

Although their population numbers have grown dramatically in recent years, the Muslims actual power and influence has diminished greatly.

In modern times, the Muslims have proven to be incredibly incompetent fighters.

In 1967, even though they heavily outnumbered the Israelis, the Muslims were routed by them. The Israelis destroyed nearly the entire Egyptian Air Force while it was sitting on the ground.

The hotheads in Iran fought a war with Iraq in the 1980s that they couldn't win even with eight years of effort.

When American and coalition forces moved into Iraq in 2003, they destroyed the worlds fourth largest army in 30 days. More recently, American forces routed the Taliban out of Afghanistan in a matter of weeks.

The attacks on America on September 11th may have only accelerated the decline and fall of Muslim influence in the world.

The attacks were the last, fatal move of a violent religion that will eventually be relegated to the ash heap of history as the rest of the world turns against them.

Just like they did on September 11th, 1683.