Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kevin James just might be a genius

Radio Show host and Mayoral Candidate Kevin James had an article in the City Journal recently that led me to believe that he just might be a genius.

James argues that this would eliminate some of the corruption by dropping Council Members salaries and perks...and making the position less attractive to career politicians.

I think it is a brilliant idea... but unlikely to ever happen.

The corruption is too deep, and the temptation for ultra-liberals to micromanage the lives of others... well, that attraction never goes away for them.

This outside-the-box thinking by James impresses me.

I'm not on his bandwagon... but the other candidates right now are repulsive.

The Hamburglar? Austin Beutner? Wendy Greuel?

No, thanks.

The City will need a hero in 2013.

I'm still looking for a solid candidate to support.