Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Gilad Shalit, Patricia McAllister & Occupy LA

Time for a reality check here at The Jennerjahn Report.

Several things have happened in the last few days that I personally do not agree with. I see them as bad policies and bad decisions enacted by leaders making poor choices.

Gilad Shalit

Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit was recently released by terrorist organization Hamas. He had been held in captivity for over five years. His release brings great joy to his family, but at what cost?

Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu had to release over 1,000 Palestinian prisoners, many of them terrorists and murderers. These people will go on to kill more Israelis in the future. This was an unnacceptable decision by Netanyahu, even though it does prove the moral superiority of the Israelis, that they would even agree to this lopsided of a deal.

This horrific exchange sends three deadly messages to Hamas and the Palestinians.

1. Israel will negotiate with terrorists, even though making broad statements to the contrary.

2. Terrorists and any potential future terrorists will not be dissuaded by these actions by Israel. They will feel more confident than ever that if captured, they probably have a good chance of being released.

3. The above two situations will show the terrorists that they can increase their violence against Israel and try to capture more Israeli soldiers... in order to gain more leverage against Israel.

Israel in this situation showed itself to be extremely weak. If I had been in charge, Shalit would still be in captivity -- and the Palestinians and Hamas would get nothing. I love Bibi Netanyahu for his previous leadership, but he made a really bad call here that will endanger many more Israelis in the future.

Patricia McAllister

Patricia McAllister got herself fired just days after being featured on this blog, Mayor Sam, and Andrew Breitbarts Big Government blog.

Even though I think McAllister is an idiot for having Anti-Semitic opinions, I can't justify her being fired for exercising her right to protected, political free speech. These actions by LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy open a Pandoras box of legal problems for Los Angeles.

McAllister can now sue the LAUSD for the violation of her Constitutionally protected right to free speech. She was exercising her right to do so on her own time, and did not say that her viewpoints were those of the LAUSD. If she had done this while teaching a class, I could understand the concern. But this was LAUSD being a bunch of liberal busybodies. A bunch of know-it-alls who cannot allow anyone else to live a life that is not politically correct.

There are far-reaching implications involved here. It puts a chilling effect on any other LAUSD employee exercising their rights to free speech. Although I think what McAllister said was idiotic, I would defend her right to say it. Where exactly does Deasy draw the line?

If they criticize him personally, will they be fired? What if they show up and attend a "Rick Perry for President" rally? Would they be fired after Deasy got a look at those photos?

McAllister got fired for reasons of political correctness, not for any actual job performance.
For this, I call "bullshit" on John Deasy and warn him of costing us taxpayers more money in unnecessary settlements due to his own, personal, Political Correctness run amok.

"Occupy LA"

I also don't agree with what is happening with the protest at Los Angeles City Hall.

Their actions are an aggressive act that violates the rights of others to live in a city with rules, and law and order.

If I had been elected Mayor in 2009, these protesters would be meeting a very different result. I would allow them their political right to protest for a few days...maybe 3 or 4 at most. Then I would inform them they had to leave because they are violating the rights of others with their continued trespass. If they didn't leave, I would order the LAPD & LAFD to use tear gas and fire hoses to disperse the crowd.

I know this decision would not be popular, but I wouldn't care. In order for a society to function properly, there has to be rule of law. Law and Order. What these people are doing right now is anarchy. They encourage more law breaking and more continued disrespect of civil rules with their lawless behavior.

I have a message for "Occupy LA" protesters: If you are unhappy with current societal situations, get off your ass and do something productive about it!

If you can camp out for two weeks on the front lawn of City Hall, you can knock on doors and make phone calls for those same two weeks to get somebody different elected to office.

Instead, you do nothing. You continue to elect losers like: The Dark Lord, The Hamburglar, and The Cat Whisperer. Fellow anarchists like Richard "Fredo" Alarcon actually support you!! He doesn't respect the law, either -- as he is currently under criminal indictment, yet planning to run for another elected office! If the people who support you are already in office, what does that tell you? How can you ever expect anything to change?

Luckily, these protesters have lying sociopath Antonio Villaraigosa as their Mayor.

He won't do anything. He's on their side.