Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sarah Palins New Deadline: October 28, 2011

Now that potential front-runner New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has dropped out of consideration for the 2012 GOP Presidential nomination, the spotlight turns to former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

Palin has hinted for months that she might run, but time is now running very short for her.
In order to be on the ballot in New Hampshire, you have to have filed the proper paperwork in advance of the election. The new deadline is Friday, October 28th. New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner has had to move the deadline up slightly in anticipation of political stunts by the states of Florida and others who are threatening to move the date of their primaries. New Hampshire has for decades held the tradition of holding the first primary in the Presidential nominating races. Gardner says that New Hampshire will protect that "first in the nation" status.

So the question remains....will she run or will she decline?

I'm inclined to believe she will run.

She says she has the "fire in the belly".
She clearly can't stand Obama or his policies and what they are doing to America.
She has an army of ferociously devoted followers.
If she runs, she could probably raise $500 million dollars -- enough to compete with Obama.

But, lately in TV interviews, she has hedged her bets by making comments about the office of President being "restrictive" to getting things done. So, maybe she is leaning towards not running.

Her path is uncertain, and her choice unclear.....but we do know one thing.
In 23 days, we will know -- one way or another -- what her plans are.