Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tyranny & Medical Marijuana

Yesterday, Federal Agents announced that they plan to crack down on the California medical marijuana industry. They stated that is has become a front for operations that are not interested in health...only in making money.

Surprise, surprise!

The idiots in government are finally waking up to the fact that the whole medical marijuana thing has been a scam from the very start. Over 90% of the people buying it in dispensaries are not ill.

I feel that this is tyranny from the Federal government.

Let me be clear... I in no way approve of the medical marijuana industry. I think most of the "medical marijuana" users are a scam. They are just people who want to smoke marijuana and get high. I think most of the medical marijuana dispensaries are a scam. If it was truly "medicine", then it should be distributed at hospitals and pharmacies, not in private clubs.

I don't think people should smoke marijuana... but then again, I don't think people should smoke tobacco cigarettes, either... but it is their choice to make.

Anything else is tyranny.

The Federal Government here is violating the 10th Amendment.

Nowhere in the U.S. Constitution does it give them the power to dictate which agricultural products are legal and which are illegal. That power is reserved to the States.

An all-powerful, and evil government that says it has the power to declare marijuana to be illegal, then also has the power to declare that tomatoes are illegal. Or onions.
This is a government saying that it has no limits.
It violates our laws and threatens our freedom.

The marijuana issue was never about marijuana. It was about control over human beings and their human behavior. Law enforcement was always scared of an army of drug-crazed loonies causing chaos in our society. Medical marijuana has been around for years and there hasn't even been a tiny blip on the crime radar screen.

Law enforcement fears are irrational.

It's time to get government out of the business of being a cultural dictator.