Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"A subpoena for Villaraigosa"

I was contacted the other day by a voter here in Los Angeles who was complaining about Mayor Villaraigosas illegal fence at the Mayors mansion.

I wrote a blog post about this subject way back in June, entitled "Arrogant Villaraigosa: Laws Do Not Apply To Me". The blog post detailed how Villaraigosa wants to violate local housing codes and build a six foot wall around the Mayors home, The Getty House in Windsor Square. The fact that he is leaving in less than two years, and the insult to the rule of law were no impediments for him.

The Mayor had people put up a temporary construction fence around the house. The voter who contacted me complained that this fence had been up for many months, but no actual construction was taking place.

This doesn't surprise me. It is only one of many offenses by this corrupt Mayor of ours.

In 2009, Villaraigosa gave voters the middle finger and refused to participate in any debates or forums for the Mayoral election.

For five years, Villaraigosa gave the ethics department the middle finger by flaunting his appearances at the Oscars, Grammys, and Lakers and Dodgers games... yet refused to report the financial value of any of these gifts.

Now, the Mayor gives his own neighbors the middle finger by paying off/threatening the commission to change the rules especially for him so he can construct an illegal fence that is not allowed in that neighborhood. He makes it clear that the laws do not apply to him.

Well, I suggest that the voters in his neighborhood do what I plan to do.

Reward the Mayor with a subpoena!

His neighbors should file a class action lawsuit against Villaraigosa and make him show up in court to testify as to why -- after five years -- he suddenly needs to build this monstrous wall around the Getty House. I would like to hear the testimony of this commissioner who changed the rules specifically for the Mayor.

I myself am looking forward to seeing the Mayor served with legal papers.

My potential lawsuit against developer Alexander Hugh and his cabal of money-laundering associates will include a subpoena for the Mayor to appear and testify as a material witness. I look forward to grilling him and taking a deposition. It's going to be like a scene from the film "A Few Good Men".

"What did you promise Alexander Hugh in return for this campaign money?"

Now, I realize the Mayor may be able to escape an actual court appearance.
Official duties, blah blah blah....

But just hitting him with that subpoena will be a very rewarding moment for me.