Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Arrogant Villaraigosa: Laws Do Not Apply To Me

More troubling news today out of City Hall. Our arrogant, lawless Mayor continues to operate in a manner that is both criminal and unbecoming of an elected official. For about the one millionth time during his reign, he has basically given the voters the middle finger and told them that the laws do not apply to him, personally.

It is always a dangerous warning sign when your elected leaders start to feel as if they are above the law.
It leads to troubling consequences and eventually, shocking outcomes.

Most recently, Villaraigosa has decided to build a six foot wall around The Getty House, the Mayors official residence. So what, you say? It's just a wall, right? Not exactly.

There are several problems here....

1) There are already laws prohibiting this type of fence in Los Angeles. Other city residents, including many of those who live right next door to the Mayor there in Windsor Park, are not allowed to do the same thing.

2) Building this wall sends a horrible, horrible message that our City leaders are not willing to respect or live under the laws that they enforce on their citizens. Eventually, this is the type of thing that leads to public riots and revolutions. I'd like to know who the members are on this zoning commission that changed the rules specifically for Villaraigosa. I'd like them investigated to find out how much of their salary or power depends on Villaraigosas political party connections or power base.

3) This house does not belong to Villaraigosa! It belongs to the City of Los Angeles and was a gift from the Getty Family. Villaraigosa will be leaving office in only two years. Any particular architectural desires of his for this public property are irrelevant.

4) It makes him look petty, and scared. Tom Bradley lived in that house for 16 years and didn't need to build a big fence. Bradley lived through the L.A. riots and still didn't do it. Villaraigosa himself has lived there for six years without this addition.... but now, suddenly, it is a crisis?

We shouldn't be surprised by the continued poor behavior of this Mayor, a puppet of the labor unions who was shoehorned into a job he was completely unqualified for and eventually, unable to perform with any level of competence.

He went on to violate ethics laws by accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts from companies who did business with the City, creating the appearance of graft and corruption.

Go ahead, Los Angeles. Let him build the fence.
It seems like there isn't much you care about anymore, anyway.

But I warn you, you have two more years left with this man in charge.

If you keep letting him do whatever he wants, you will eventually regret that decision.