Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Peaceful Republic, or a Police State?

I was thinking about Judge Andrew Napolitano this week when I had to go to traffic court and pay a fine.

I had been ticketed for driving a large vehicle (over 6,000 pounds) on a restricted street. I pled no contest and was assessed a $225 total penalty. I am considering taking the City and State to Federal Court over this.

There used to be a situation where you were given a ticket, and they sent you a bill and you wrote a check. Now, in order to crank up the fines, they drag you into court and waste half your day and slap on a bunch of nonsensical judicial fees. The judge reduced my ticket to $35. The court system decided to make a hefty profit on my appearance... which is not what the courts are supposed to be doing.

Judge Napolitano makes a valid point here.

Are we a peaceful republic, or are we a police state?

Some of the other people in line with me at the cashiers window had some sad stories to tell.

$400 for not wearing a seat belt?

$600 for throwing a cigarette butt out a car window?