Monday, July 11, 2011

Defeat Janice Hahn, Vote Craig Huey

It causes me great pain to say this but....

...I don't hate Janice Hahn.

I don't think she is a particularly good political leader. I don't think she has done anything notable or worthwhile in her term serving on the Los Angeles City Council. I am ideologically opposed to her because she is a Big Government Socialist who believes the government can solve all problems. (It can't)

But I don't hate her.

She is a nice enough lady who seems to be inadvertently offensive rather than outright offensive.
If Hahn wasn't a politician, she might have become a school teacher, or an attorney, or worked for a public relations firm. She doesn't seem like she has evil intentions...unlike her fellow Council Members like Richard Alarcon and Tony Cardenas, who have always seemed like they were pre-destined to wear orange jumpsuits.

Hahn has a decent shot to win her Congressional election tomorrow, but I will be pulling for her defeat. I am supporting businessman Craig Huey. I admire Hueys solid Conservatism. Huey also said some nice things about me on his voters website when I was running for Mayor. We have never met, but ideologically, I consider him to be a friend.

Hahn is actually ideologically to the left of retiring Congresswoman Jane Harman, who was what they call a "Blue Dog Democrat". A victory by Hahn would not change things much in Congress, but a victory by Huey would be a thunderous blow to the Democrats.