Friday, July 29, 2011

The Angry Charge of The Last RINO

My friend Stephen and I often refer derisively to many members of our own party as RINOs.

They are Republicans In Name Only. RINOs

Basically, they are slightly less offensive versions of Democrats.

Mitt Romney is a RINO. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a RINO.

RINOs always claim to be Conservatives -- which humors us -- but they turn around and vote for everything the Democrats vote for.

My friend Stephen is disappointed he voted for McCain in 2008.

I'm not. The alternative was Barack Obama.
Obama is a looter and a destroyer of wealth.

McCain, on the other hand, was only a RINO.

I respected him until today.

Today he went berserk on Capitol Hill.

He ridiculed the idea of a Balanced Budget Amendment.

He read a Wall Street Journal article that ridiculed and mocked the Tea Party.
The article also slammed the GOP Senate candidates Sharon Angle and Christine O'Donnell.
Angle and O'Donnell -- whatever their faults may be -- had never done anything this contemptuous of John McCain. Except maybe to be more Conservative than him.

Three years ago John McCain wanted to be President of the United States.
Now he's taking cheap shots for laughs at former Senate candidates.

This man now embarrasses me. I want him gone.

Stephen has always said McCain was his "Last Rino"... the last one he would ever vote for.

I think Stephen has made a good call on that one.