Saturday, July 30, 2011

Putting Boehner on notice

I said last night in a Facebook post that I wanted Speaker of The House John Boehner primaried and put out of his job as a Congressman. I may have been a little rash, but it was a reaction to the anticipated deal-making that the Republican leader is about to do.

I did some research into his background, and Boehner actually isn't that bad of a guy. He's a blue-collar guy from a large family that had to work hard all his life to get where he is today. He is not some Ivy League elitist who lived off his fathers money all his life.

He has the right work ethic, but I don't think he is tough enough for this job.

The Democrats, when they were in control, had no problem with full-throated Totalitarianism as they forced Obamacare on the American public. This unconstitutional seizure of the health care industry caused a backlash that lost 60 Congressmen and women their jobs.

Boehner needs to show equal strength.

No compromises.

Republicans control the House.

They get our version, or they get nothing.

It's payback time for the Democrats abuses of power over the last two years.

I'm running for Congress in 2012 and I'm not doing it to go to Washington and cut deals.

I want to crush my enemies and destroy them. They are Totalitarians who hate freedom and they are a threat to our very way of life. Obama is the Looter-In-Chief and the Democrats are just looking for ways to steal a few more billion dollars.

Someone has to stop them.

If Boehner can't do it, he needs to find a new line of work.