Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sarah Palin inches closer to declaring her 2012 candidacy

Last night on the Sean Hannity program, Sarah Palin finally started giving some better hints as to her plans as to what she will do in the 2012 campaign. I have already stated (and wagered) that she is going to jump into the race.

She admitted that are "legal deadlines"...and by that I think she meant the deadlines for filing paperwork to get on the ballot in certain states. Iowa is a caucus state, so you don't technically even have to be on a ballot there... you just have to have your supporters ready, present, and vocal. New Hampshire is a different story, though...being an actual primary. I think the deadline for getting on the ballot there is the true deadline for Sarah Palin.

Last night Sarah also threw out the phrases "August or September" when referring to a time frame where a potential candidate would be forced to make a decision.

Sarah also used her powerful phrase "a servants heart" when referring to qualities needed for our next President. It's code talk for Christians, and the Fundamentalists and Evangelicals will come running to support her when she declares. There can be no doubt about that. This segment of voters is her strongest core of support.

Then you add the Newsweek cover story where she says "I can win"... and for me, this really takes a lot of the guesswork out of it. I have said it before. The tea leaves are getting obvious. She is running.

The #1 reason? Her husband wants her to.
She won't let him down.