Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Obamas "Corpsman" lesson

Recently, President Barack Obama made himself look a little foolish when he mispronounced the word "corpsman" at a prayer breakfast. He pronounced it "corpse-man". He said it twice. The correct pronunciation is "core-man"...just like how you say "Marine Corps".

No big deal. Just a little harmless mistake, right?
Yes...and no.
It exposes a much bigger flaw in Barack Obama.
Our Commander-in-Chief knows very little about our military.
He never served.

Now, politicians misspeak all the time. They have so many speeches to give and public appearances to make. They are not machines and they make mistakes. President George W. Bush was so prone to misspeak that they actually published a book filled with his speaking gaffes.

Anyone can make mistakes.

But this one exposed a vital flaw about Obama.
Not only does he know nothing about our military, but he is surrounded by buffoons who also know nothing.

He did not have a single person on his staff who went over his speeches with him and made sure he knew how to pronounce words he was unfamiliar with.

The fact that our Commander in Chief did not know how to pronounce "corpsman" is very troubling.

The fact that he has nobody on his staff smart enough to know he was making a mistake?

That is extremely troubling.