Sunday, July 31, 2011

Marco Rubio for President

There has been plenty of talk inside the Republican Party about how Marco Rubio will absolutely be invited to be the choice for Vice President in 2012. He is at the top of almost every list.

My question is this.

If he is such a desirable candidate, why make him the Vice President?

I think he might be our best bet in 2012.

Yes, I know he is young and he has barely been in the Senate a year, but he is a fantastic political leader.

People forget that he aggressively challenged the RINO Charlie Crist in Florida when everyone else was saying it was Crists election to lose.

Rubio destroyed Crist so badly that it is difficult to remember that Crist was actually the favorite at one point.

Rubio shocked a world that had underestimated him. I think he could do it again.

I think if Rubio is our candidate in 2012, Obama doesn't stand a chance.