Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gatto continues his assaults on Personal Freedom with ACA 6

Dangerous Enemy of Freedom Mike Gatto continues to reveal himself through his legislation.

He recently teamed up with fellow totalitarian Mike Feuer to hammer out Assembly Constitutional Amendment 6, which would radically reshape the power structure here in California.

ACA 6, as it has become know, would ban all further attempts by the voters to place initiatives on the ballot if they ended up costing the State over $5 million dollars. The problem here is that this decision rests in the hands of two bureacrats ...the Legislative Analyst and the Director of Finance. These two unelected bureacrats would have the power of veto over any voter initiative simply by deeming it "too expensive".

This action comes very close to tyranny.

Our country exists because of the tyranny of King George of England.

Now, we have a closet dictator named Mike Gatto telling the "little people" that they are no longer important enough to have a voice in the political decision making process.

If I was Gatto's opponent in the next election, I would make it very clear to voters how much Gatto hates freedom.... especially their freedom as voters to have a voice in matters.

Pocket tyrants Gatto and Feuer should be ashamed of themselves.

This is not what our founding fathers had in mind.