Monday, October 24, 2011

Joseph Mailander gets paid

I met for breakfast yesterday with Joseph Mailander of the popular Street Hassle blog and paid him his money. As you can see from the above photos, we had very different emotions about the outcome of the bet.

Joseph won $50 from me in a friendly wager about Sarah Palin running/not running for President. For the life of me, I can't understand why Sarah would shy away from this contest, where the Republican nominee has a phenomenal chance to defeat Barack Obama. But hey.. it is what it is.

We had a nice Sunday morning breakfast at the House of Pies and talked about various subjects.

We discussed his writing projects, our blogs, and the general state of political affairs in the city. We talked about which Congressional District I might choose to run in. I also told Joseph he should write an entire book about his experiences working for the Reagan Campaign in 1979-80.

Two interesting notes from the breakfast meeting:

Joseph revealed to me that Richard Alarcons District 7 has the highest percentage of homeowners anywhere in the city. It blew me away that people who are successful and competent could choose that criminal supervillain to be their Councilman.

Near the end of the meeting, he also agreed with me that Council District 2 had been sold a bill of goods by Councilman Paul Krekorian.

This tidbit did not surprise me at all.

Paul Krekorian is The Dark Lord.

I don't know why I even have to tell people that anymore.