Monday, October 10, 2011

Mitt Romneys Mormon Faith

Mitt Romney is topping the news feeds for the last 24 hours after a supporter of Texas Governor Rick Perry called Romneys Mormon Church a "cult".

That was catnip for the news media, who couldn't stop talking about it.

America has never elected a Mormon to be President, and there is a simple explanation for that. Many Christian faiths in America view Mormonism with suspicion and distrust.

Mormons believe in Jesus and refer to themselves as Christians, but they also believe in a modern-day prophet named Joseph Smith, who said he communicated with God.

Smith claimed to have discovered long-lost buried "Plates of Gold" near his home in New York. Plates that were written in a symbolic language that only he could understand.

His translation of these plates later became the Book of Mormon.

These facts all seem a little far out and non-traditional for most Christians.

Evangelical voters, who make up a large percentage of GOP Primary voters, are unlikely to give Mitt Romney very many votes.

Romney will probably win the New Hampshire Primary, but he is going to get killed in the Deep South.

Pastor Robert Jeffress of the First Baptist Church of Dallas fired an opening salvo in this battle by stating that the Mormon church is a "cult".

It was an aggressive statement by Jeffress, who supports Rick Perry.

Different Christian faiths are traditionally known to "play nice" by following the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. It is rare to hear them openly criticize or condemn one another.

As a Catholic, my faith dictates that we are the one, true Christian church.

However, as a Christian, I am reluctant to criticize or condemn my fellow Christians.

Even Mormons, who I believe to be a bit odd, are still trying to strive to achieve Christian principles. I would call them a sect, or a branch of Christianity.

I think it is unproductive and wrong of Pastor Jeffress to call them a cult.

Mitt Romney is going to have to make a big speech about this issue.

The other GOP candidates are dancing around this, because they don't want to offend anyone.
It would be refreshing to hear the candidates speak openly about this subject.