Thursday, March 18, 2010

Adios Payaso!

If everything works out today - and several peoples schedules sync up as we have planned, then today shapes up to be a historic day in Los Angeles politics.

This afternoon, some of the active leaders of Recall City Hall.Org will walk into the City Clerks office on Ramirez Street and deliver their signed Declaration of Recall Petition against Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

Villaraigosa will have a few days to respond. Then we will negotiate the design and format of the Recall Petitions themselves with the City Clerks Office, and finally we can start collecting signatures.

If Recall City Hall.Org is successful in collecting the 240,000 signatures necessary, then Mayor Villariagosa will be facing a recall election and instant removal from his job. For some people in this City, it can't happen fast enough.

Antonio Villaraigosa will be remembered for a legacy of failure. The headline "Failure" above his photo on the cover of Los Angeles Magazine a few months ago is one that stands out in every voters mind.

Villaraigosa promised a lot and talked a big game when he came into office in 2005. He let most people down because it turns out that he was an absolute puppet for the unions. His greedy grabs of cash for them helped bankrupt the City. A slave to their demands, he also never had the courage to actually fire anyone or make cuts in the budget. He has been a colossal failure.

He is an egomaniac who wants to jet around the world at taxpayer expense, get his picture taken with pop stars, and appear on episodes of soap operas -- all at the same time his City is collapsing from mismanagement and neglect. He recently announced that he would have the City cut 4000 jobs...then turned around and hosted a fancy Oscars Party at the Mayors mansion just a few days later and rubbed elbows with his preferred crowd -- a bunch of pop stars and celebrities .

Adios Payaso!

You won't be missed.