Wednesday, March 3, 2010

CPAC - Day 2

The most important item on my agenda on Day 2 of CPAC was getting down to the Marriott Ballroom early enough (because it often hit capacity) and getting in to see one of my absolute favorites - Congresswoman Michele Bachmann of Minnesota. Bachmann is a Midwesterner like myself and calls it like she sees it.

I will always love her for her comments about the Obama administration taking over GM and shutting down successful businesses based on party loyalties. She was absolutely horrified and called the ObamaAdministration a "gangster government". It was strong talk - it was accurate and true - and I loved it.

Before I saw Michele Bachmann I tried to get into a seminar hosted by "Atlas Shrugs" blogger Pamela Geller. The subject matter was about Islam, a subject that Pamela often covers on her popular blog. She had some strange, additional security steps to get into the room, which leads me to believe she has recently had threats made against her life. That's too bad. I like her and enjoyed meeting her and chatting with her earlier in the conference.

Her room was so crowded I had to stand in the back and left after a while to go see Michele Bachmann.

Michele was great as usual. Funny, charming, and deadly accurate about Obama.
She had the Conservatives loving every minute.

Right after Michele spoke, the Californians stepped to the podium.

Chairman Ron Nehring introduced Steve Poizner and Chuck De Vore.

They all did a great job. Poizner said some new things I hadn't heard from him before.
But unless he spends more money, he is not going to beat Meg Whitman...(who I am not thrilled about.)

De Vore was great. REAL Conservatism. But he is also trailing his opponents and needs to kick it into a higher gear.

This post will be continued in part 2.