Saturday, March 13, 2010

Richard Alarcon must resign now!

Here is a little heads-up. A warning for Los Angeles City Council Members about what is about to happen here in the City. My organization,, already has the 5 proponents together to file the Recall Declaration against Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. We will be filing against the Mayor in the next few weeks. The Mayor is widely disliked now, even by his former supporters. If we get the 240,000 signatures we need, the Mayor will not survive a recall election against him.

Another issue is the continued criminal behavior of Council Member Richard Alarcon. He is under investigation for a felony - voter registration fraud. Alarcon lied to City Clerks about his address to get elected to the 7th District Council seat. Let's get all the "alleged" nonsense out of the way. Witnesses say there was nobody living in Alarcons phony residence for 3 years. Alarcon lied when confronted about it, then changed his story to some bizarre explanation about how he was afraid of a squatter who had broken into his house.

Here is the gameplan.

I am going to go to City Council and demand that Alarcon resign. I will also ask the police to remove him from chambers. Of course, they won't do that. Then, I am going to warn the City Council that I am going to come back and ask several times that they remove him for his crimes. When they don't do it, I am going to warn them that a class-action lawsuit is brewing over this felony behavior of Alarcon. Voters in the 7th District have the right to be represented by a legitimate Council Member, not a fraudulent one.

A multi-million dollar lawsuit over Alarcons behavior would be very messy and embarrassing for the City to defend when they know they are wrong.

I will also warn them that they will be listed on the Recall web site as "co-conspirators" to the criminal behavior of Alarcon. To date, NONE of the Council members have had the backbone or integrity to stand up and demand his resignation. I will mention that I will be happy to remind the voters of that fact in any of their future runs for office.