Sunday, March 7, 2010

The SEIU: Typical Freedom-Hating Liberals

The other day I was at the City Clerks Office on Ramirez Street. I was finalizing the details of the Recall effort with the Clerks Office. On the way out I saw a poster about a Union protest at the Mayors residence (Getty House) and I thought it might be a good idea for me to speak to them about the Recall.

I wrote down the names and numbers of the organizers and called them about it.
On the phone, they agreed that I could talk at the rally for a few minutes.

Of course, with liberals, there is rarely ever any integrity. I showed up to the event on Saturday Morning and started talking to the SEIU leaders. At first they said I could talk...then they started backpedalling. Then they wanted to coach me and edit what I wanted to say. I told them I was there to kick the Mayor out of his job.

They finally said they they hadn't signed on for that, and wouldn't let me talk.
Typical liberals. They are not interested in freedom. Their only goal is to get you to do exactly what they want you to do. The use of force and threats are their only gameplan.

How ironic that they were protesting at the home of a man that the SEIU demanded their members elect just one year ago.
They must feel incredibly stupid right now.
But that is what happens when you have no integrity.
The SEIU leaders told them to go vote for Antonio Villaraigosa - who is going to take 4000 jobs away from them.

How can SEIU members ever trust their leaders again?
If I was in their position, I'd never trust them again.

I voted for John McCain for President in November of 2008.

I voted for Phil Jennerjahn for Mayor of Los Angeles in March 2009.

If I had to do it over again, I'd vote the same way again.

I'm proud of the way I voted. I'll be bragging about it for the rest of my life.

How many SEIU members can say the same thing?