Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Calling Walter Moore!

Maybe Walter was right.

Maybe I should have finished law school.

We are encountering minor technical difficulties with the Recall petition.

I thought I wrote a pretty good draft, and we submitted it on the 18th. Problem solved, right?
Villaraigosa is on his way out. No problem.

But, then I get communication from the City Clerk saying that a few words were not exactly as the Election Code states they must be...so we had to do it over and print up a new draft today.

Back to the Mayor's office. Back to the City Clerk.

I'm not even sure if this will solve the issues, but we are very close.
I think the City Clerk is being overly demanding about the wording.
We have met the legal threshold of letting the mayor know the who we are and why we are recalling him.
We WILL have a draft that meets their requirements and the clock will start.
The RECALL will become reality.

Mayor Sam haters will be left speechless when this hits the media.
Villaraigosa is hated right now. Hated.