Sunday, March 21, 2010

Craig X. Rubin is headed to jail!

It looks like City Attorney Carmen Trutanich finally got his man, and even though 2009 Mayoral Candidate Craig X. Rubin repeatedly professes his claims of innocence, a judge did not see it the same way.

Rubin reports to jail on Friday. He is expected to do 6 months, but he hopes to be released sooner.

The arrest and prosecution of Rubin has had a chilling effect on the medical marijuana community, with some dispensary owners choosing to shut down or move rather than face legal action.

Rubins predicament is a bit odd, as his charges were actually dropped. He is going in on a probation violation -- just for being arrested. Somehow , this does not seem Constitutional to me.
Kind of similar to the double jeopardy clauses or something.

When asked for a comment, his former political rival David Saltsburg (also known as Zuma Dogg) repeated that this event has "reinforced his belief in Quantum Physics and Karma".