Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Alarcon gives voters the middle finger

Today is the day that a group of hysterically shrieking NIMBYs (including Joe Barrett) will descend upon room 350 of Los Angeles City Hall to try and stop criminal mastermind Richard Alarcon in his latest devious scheme. Alarcon wants to turn a country-like area in the City called "Lopez Canyon" into a payola goldmine for his political supporters and today he will vote to allow them to build a truck driving school and to continue to feed at the public trough of tax dollars.

Alarcon is a career criminal, and has been doing this type of thing for a long time. The payoffs have been made, the votes have been counted in advance, and it seems highly unlikely that residents in that area will be able to do anything about it. They will try, but like most things in Los Angeles, fighting the corruption in City Hall doesn't seem to work out so well. Maybe Mayor Sam blogger Petra Fried can write another ten page opus about how Alarcon screwed everyone. (Big surprise there...)

Residents in Alarcons Seventh Council District have no one to blame but themselves.
There are 90,000 registered voters in the 7th District. If even 10% of them had gotten off their asses to vote for someone else, Alarcon wouldn't even be in power right now.

But they didn't do that, because they are dumb.
They had a chance to vote him out in 2007 and another chance in 2009.

Now they are going to pay the price.
You knew what Alarcon was like when you voted for him.
Elections have consequences, and now voters in the 7th District have to pay the price for their terrible decisions.

Career criminal Alarcon will continue to do what he does best.
Packing City positions with incompetent, unqualified supporters.... including his own children.
Cutting backroom deals for megabucks that have nothing to do with common sense or City progress, but have everything to do with making Richard Alarcon and his supporters filthy rich at taxpayers expense.

He's the worst our City has to offer. He should be in jail, not in City Council.

But today, he will be giving the big middle finger salute to the citizens who voted him into power.
And he'll probably be laughing about it.