Friday, June 25, 2010

My comment to Jill Stewart

If you haven't seen it yet, crusader Jill Stewart does good job of breaking down Mayor Villaraigosas ticket scandal in her new piece at LA Weekly.

Here is my comment to her in the comments section:

Jill Stewart,

The title of the article is incorrect. The free tickets end up being worth millions in special treatment for the people who give them to the Mayor.

Lakers, Dodgers, AIG, etc...

They all get special breaks and favors when it comes to financial transactions between them and the City.

Los Angeles is one of the most corrupt cities in America because of the one-party rule in our City Council. Villaraigosa is totally corrupt -- morally AND ethically. There is nothing he won't do to benefit himself.

His behavior in his personal life speaks volumes.

Phil Jennerjahn