Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jennerjahn for City Council - District 4

Today I am announcing my intentions to seek the City Council seat in District 4. The seat is currently held by City Council Member Tom La Bonge.
I do not underestimate his skills as a politician.
I have been at local events where Mr. La Bonge has spoken.
I have seen him turn a somewhat hostile crowd into a passive, subdued, and sympathetic one.
There is a reason he has been hanging around at City Hall for 20 years in one capacity or another.

Unlike some of the other Council Members, I do not dislike him personally.
He is a friendly and gregarious man. He works well in crowds.
When I ran for Mayor in 2009, he actually gave me five minutes of time to listen to my views.
While I appreciate his abilities, I am not without criticism.

I consider him to be the "Al Bundy" of local politics.
He spends far too much time talking about his glory days as a football player at Marshall High School.
That time would be better spent fixing the City.

Instead, he votes right along with the other Big Government Socialists on the City Council for spending program after spending program. Eventually, they have come to put this City in dire jeopardy of bankruptcy.

Mr. La Bonge, like several other Council Members, is facing term limits after this election.
I fear that the City Council Members, if given four more years with no repercussions from voters, would embark on a path that would make their current level of destruction look amateurish by comparison.

Someone has to stop them.

I'm hoping the voters will choose me for the job.