Thursday, June 3, 2010

James Andion sells out

Well, it looks like one of my opponents in the upcoming primary is a total sellout.
A morally "squishy" individual who will help support the enemies of GOP causes.

James Andion paid to get an "endorsement" from one of these cheap fly-by-night political hack mailer companies. Here is the proof in the photo above.

A bizarre mailer in which it says for Attorney General and US Senator "no endorsement".

That usually means that the mailing company was too low-rent and disreputable to get a check from the big players.

Vote for Abel Maldonado? He's the tax raising traitor who earned a payoff job as Lt. Gov. from Schwarzenegger. He should be in jail, not in Sacramento.
Many Republicans have openly denounced him and are widely supporting his opponents.

And to top it off, this mailer asks voters to support and vote for Propositions 14 and 15 !!

Prop 14 is the nightmare scenario for Republicans, a proposition that would keep many Republican candidates off of a final election day ballot. It would be insane for a party loyalist to support this proposition.

Looks like James Andion didn't get that memo.
He'll put his name on anything, I guess.

Memo to James Andion:

Don't carpetbag into my District with that weak game of yours.
If you can put your name on documents recommending policies that are the antithesis of Conservative ideology, and that directly contravene State Party policy on the issues, then you are not the right candidate for the 33rd.

Most of the votes are going to be absentee ballots, and they voted days and weeks ago.
In my opinion, you are a sellout. Voters can read, and will not be fooled.
I will defeat you on Tuesday.